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Product Specifications

[Product Name]: Car cigarette lighter connection suction wet and dry car vacuum cleaner
[Color]: Red
Product Material: Metal + ABS
[Product size]: 28 * 9 * 12.5cm
Clarinet: 27 * 3.5cm
Weight: 0.4KG
Red tube: 13 * 2.5cm /13*6.5cm

[Product] power: 60W
[] Rated voltage: 12V
[Rated Speed]: 21000r / min
[] Power cord length: about 250cm


1.12V cigarette lighter car cigarette lighter plug connector
2. Make sure the connection is correct, the multifunction vacuum cleaner nozzle insertion top, enabl
ing the operating switch.
3. The angle of 30-45 draw dirt or dust and other debris.
4. After the work is completed, turn off the switch, turn on the vacuum cleaner to clean up dust.
5. Close the front cover again, ready for the next use.


1, when using the filter must be installed.
2, do not put in direct sunlight, high temperature and high pressure place.
3. Do not wipe the body with gasoline or highly volatile detergent.
4, when the motor rotation before the shell can never come up.
5, This product is not a toy, do not let children play alone, to avoid danger.
6, should pay attention to moisture absorption and matter, pay attention to the front cover of the w
ater barrier height (capacity), inhalation height must not exceed the amount of water resistance. (B
efore continuing, it must open the front cover pour off the liquid and then loaded back)

[Cleaning method]

Remove foreign bodies and filter bag method:
1, foreign body removal from the mesh bags: Press the spring and turn Mobility bags to remove it, re
move the hand into the net bag filter bag, filter bag foreign body disposal.

2, cleaning filter bags:
a, brushed filter bag
b, the filter bag in the garbage bag jitter
c, with detergent, wipe with a paper towel after washing and before use reconfirm whether to keep cl

3, re-install filter bags:
Aligned with the lower end of the filter bag mesh bag so that it fits together, resulting in the spr
ing and filter bags together.
Plastic parts cleaning:
Use a damp cloth with hot water and a mild detergent, avoid the use of detergents may contain other 
chemicals in order to avoid bad plastic parts.

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